San Antonio church holds “drive thru” prayers on National Day of Prayer


The impact of Hurricane Harvey is being felt across the country. President Trump declared September 3rd, a national day of prayer.

Northern San Antonio’s Ignite Community Church, spent the afternoon trying to help those in need of prayer. Offering a prayer “drive-thru” along Henderson Pass,

“If somebody drives by and feels like, God loves me, God is talking to me, for me that’s a miracle in itself,” said Chad Schapiro a pastor at Ignite Community Church.

The group held posters and signs along Henderson Pass, inviting anyone to come pray. Also, the church offered free bibles, food, and water to those in need.

“They’ll roll down their window,” said Schapiro. “They say God must have brought them here for a reason.”

Eric Chavarria was driving along the road, when he saw the posters. Right away he knew it was a sign for him.

“Let’s turn around and go get a prayer,” said Chavarria.

Chavarria lives in Rockport. Just one week ago Hurricane Harvey destroyed his home, and now he’s staying with family in San Antonio.

“I’ve been needing prayer,” said Chavarria.

Although the past week hasn’t been easy, Eric is now looking up to the future.

“It make me feel great. I’m a lot happier than I have been in a while,” said Chavarria. “I’m just taking this as another way of God saying to start over fresh.”

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