Local Man Accused of Threatening to Kill Obama Now “Sorry”

SAN ANTONIO – A local man accused of threatening to kill former President Barack Obama has written a letter apologizing for his crimes.

Gavin Friedman was indicted on charges he wanted to kill the then-president back in December. He has been held in federal custody without bond while he waits for his case to go to trial in April.

He sent a letter to Judge David Ezra this week saying he wanted to plead guilty to all charges against him.

“I am sorry and remorsefull [sic] for the crimes I have comitted [sic] and the people that I scared in the prases [sic]. I do not intend to carry out any of the threats and will seek help for mental health disorders and other problems that I face.”

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An indictment alleges Friedman mailed four letters threatening the president. It said on Jan. 22, Friedman wrote “specifically stating that Obama will be killed so that (Friedman) can be martyred in the name of Allah.” On April 3, Friedman allegedly wrote a letter “specifically stating that he is going to assassinate Obama because Obama is a puppet for (ZOG) Zionist Organized Government.” On Sept. 19, Friedman is accused of sending another letter saying, “I am going to kill (Obama)…He is a dead [expletive].” A Sept. 27 letter allegedly said, “I am going to kill (Obama) that stupid [expletive].”

Friedman is accused of mailing other threats, including one Sep. 19 about destroying the Federal Bureau of Investigation Field Office in Houston and the White House in Washington, D.C., with an explosive. Another letter sent the same day allegedly threatened “to kill the United States Attorney and kidnap and kill the United States Attorney’s family.” A Sep. 27 letter allegedly said Friedman “has hired people to kill the United States Attorney and kidnap the United States Attorney’s family.”

The indictment did not say to whom the letters were sent.

Friedman also wrote that he was “turning myself over to the hands of justice because I am seeking help from (a) long and distressing life that I have lived with no regard for the law, now I willing put my life in your hands and seek forgiveness in the way of justice. I am guilty and have no excusses [sic]. I accept responsability [sic] for what I did.”

Jail records from Kerr County show Friedman served time in February 2015 for assault. He also served time in state prison for obstruction or retaliation.

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